This Auxfun Sex Machine Will Give You Orgasms So Powerful, You’ll Lose Your Voice!

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Table of Contents

  1. Solo Ecstasy or Partner Play Powerhouse?
  2. The Thrust Is Out There
  3. Suction Cup Studs for Tantric Trysts
  4. Pack Light, Travel Smutty
  5. They Had Me At “Whisper Quiet”
  6. Your Hot Secret Stays on Lockdown
  7. FAQs to Feed Your Curiosity

Solo Ecstasy or Partner Play Powerhouse?

Hey there, gorgeous! If you’re reading this, I’m guessing one of two scenarios is achingly true: 1) You’ve been going solo in the sack far too long, desperate for something more… groove-shattering than that tired old vibrator. Or 2) Your partner’s pachyderm packaged “initmate massager” is feeling more like apm stick these days, leaving you high, dry, and basically bluevagina’d.

Well, do I have the salacious solution for you! I’m talking about getting wildly acquainted with the thrusting, rakish power of a top-shelf sex-machine. And this delightfully devilish number from Auxfun is about to take self-love to a relentless new level of holy sh*&bating!

The Thrust Is Out There

Listen up, thrill enthusiasts – we’re not dipping our toes into some lame, quivering pool of inadequate power here. Oh no, the Auxfun is packing a ferocious, high-torque motor commanding between 0 to 450 thrusts per minute! At the lower end, you’ve got a teasing tantric buildup. Crank it up, though, and you’re straight-up jackhammering your way into the Elysian delights.

But it’s not just warp-speed pounding, my libidinous lovelies. Thanks to the ergonomic, 85-degree adjustable angle, this machine is gifting you G-spot accuracy like never before. Anterior or posterior, shallow or long-stroke – every lascivious lunge is optimized for seeking out your spongiest erogenous zones.

Suction Cup Studs for Tantric Trysts

Of course, no self-respecting sexploration would be complete without getting maverick with your positions! That’s where the heavy duty suction cup base really sticks its landing. I’m talking completely stable, no-slip vertical traction against any smooth surface. Slap this bad boy against bathroom tiles, a sturdy table, or even a full-length mirror for a wildly versatile range of tantric trysts.

Feeling more like laying back and enjoying the main event hands free? No problem! The sturdy anchor means you can spread eagle, straddle this stallion cowgirl style, or whichever pretzel position helps you reach rug-muching nirvana. Hours of endurance for endless ripening Os!

Pack Light, Travel Smutty

Now for some real hot goss – unlike those clunky, seizure-inducing “massagers” of yore, this compact vibe is perfect for saucy travel dalliances! The sleek formed factor, discreet storage case, and lack of cords makes the Auxfun an ideal under-the-radar companion for getting away from prying eyes.

Finally, you can experience the liberating thrill of residing in a lush couple’s suite, unpacking your deepest indulgences, and taking your precious petals on a solo adventure without fear of housekeeping’s judgemental gasps! Talk about reclaiming that self-care vacation in the most orgasmic way possible.

They Had Me At “Whisper Quiet”

Sure, all that high-octane power and orgasmic versatility is great. But let’s be honest – if your aggressive spidermuncher is sounding off like a foghorn, then what’s the point?! Your intimate moments deserve a more…discreet delivery system.

That’s where the Auxfun truly shines as an A+ intimacy essential. The thick silicone housing muffles almost all sound for a virtually silent. Even at top thrust capacity, this thing maintains a gentle whisper that’ll barely tip off your neighbors about your sordid solo play! No awkward hallway glances are required.

Your Hot Secret Stays on Lockdown

Speaking of kink discretion, I know how delicate the topic of sex toys can be – even among consenting adult besties! It’s important to keep your indulgences under lock and key from judgments and prying eyes.

With Auxfun, no worries of external lewdness here! These savvy sexperts deliver their precious cargo in an utterly anonymous, plain brown box. Not a single suggestive logo or illustration to give away your hot new addiction. Your intimacies stay secure until you’re ready to dial up the climax control in the safety of your private quarters!

FAQs to Feed Your Curiosity

Okay, you’ve survived the salacious salty scoop…but I bet you’ve still got some burning Qs about this climax conductor! Let’s do a quick breeze through the hit-squad playlist:

  • OMG, is this thing loud?! Like, will the neighbors know? Absolutely not! The sturdy silicone housing provides incredibly discreet muffling and discretion. You’ll struggle to even hear this bad boy’s rumbles from across the room!
  • How easy is it to control and get set up? Seamlessly intuitive! Just a simple twist dial to control thrusting speeds and you’re operational in seconds. Suction cups anchor it perfectly to any smooth surface. Easy&Dreamy!
  • I’m kind of a big girl…will it be sturdy & powerful enough for me? You bet your bodacious booty, is gorgeous! This machine is a heavy-duty powerhouse built to accommodate any body shape or size. No flex, no fear!
  • Is it really hygienic and easy to clean? But of course! The premium silicone is nonporous and waterproof for quick soap and water cleansing after use. Just be sure to let your new hubcap air dry completely before reshelving.
  • What’s included in the package? I need all the deets! No skimping here! You’ll receive the sturdy machine, remote control, a range of high-quality silicone attachments, power supply, storage case, and more. Everything you need for the full ride!

So there you have it, my feisty libertines! This luxurious erotic investment is guaranteed to spice up your solo sessions or deliver deliciously reinvigorated intimacy with your lucky partner. Unlock those handcuffs, squirt some lube, and get ready to ride the velvet jackhammer of your deepest fantasies!